Our charcoal-based Incense quickly transforms a room with uplifting, long-lasting signature scents. Hand-dipped in fine fragrance oils and DPG, each stick burns for 1 hour, providing 2-4 hours of aromatic indulgence. Packaged with 15 sticks in a convenient plastic sleeve, measuring 10.75" each.

• Scent notes:

Amber & Moss- Sage, moss, and lavender

Teakwood and Tobacco- Leather, teak, and orange

Patchouli Sweetgrass- Cream, sweetgrass, and smoke

Ojai Lavender- Aromatic, herbal, citrus. Pixie tangerine, blue lavender, coyote mint

Sandlwood Rose- Cashmere rose, oud, and sandalwood

Wild Herb Tonic-lemon balm, crushed thyme, orange rind, and fir